Bunk Beds!

I love this built in bunk idea and look so much! If I had the space, I would find some way to make these bunks beds happen in my house. The stairs up to the top bunks are awesome and the bedding on them is so perfect. Each bed has its own light and little bookshelf. Cute! Such a great idea!
(photo from August Fields)

9 thoughts on “Bunk Beds!

  1. CourtC

    Jenna- Neither had I which made it even more awesome. So fancy. :)Thank you so much for reading and commenting!Mike- I'm happy you enjoyed it! Inspiring. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Munir

    In terms of space efficiency, bunk bed is a good choice. It is simple and straightforward in design, yet comfortable enough to hold its own among its more lavishly-made counterparts.Bunk beds are also called double-deck beds. They are two beds stacked one on top of the other, through a specially designed bed frame. This stable frame supports the weight of the two beds so two people can lie down comfortably in the same vertical space.Using a bunk bed is a good way to maximize a bedroom's floor area. To get to the top portion of the bunk bed, there is a ladder that is either attached to or separate from the bed frame. Bunk beds are often found in children's rooms, residence halls of universities and colleges, ships and trains.

  3. Hudson

    Its so Nice blog! i have a topic related to comfortable bunk beds and more about of bunk beds shape, Bunk beds are normally supported by four pillars in each corner of the bed; however the new versions of the same will have panels for its sides with openings on one side that act as a ladder for the top bed……..


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