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Go Green and Gold!

I so love this space. I’m not sure what site the picture originally came from but I found it while pinning like a maniac on Pinterest. I love everything about this! The mirror is excellent, the cabinet is a beautiful color and I love that the lamps have the simple, clear base because it allows the space to not look too busy. Just wanted to share. Happy weekend all!!

The Novogratz!

Perhaps you’ve met The Novogratz. Robert and Cortney Novogratz are the husband and wife, interior design duo that became stars thanks to Bravo’s show, 9 by Design (they have 7 children!). I came across them again the other day through More Design Please. I love that their interiors are a mish-mash of vintage, eclectic, classic and color with a twist of fun. Take a look at their work.

CC’s 5 Faves: Beds

Our beds. We spend so much of our life in them and the look of your bed will often make or break the look of your bedroom. Life is too short to not have a beautiful bed. Let these High Fashion Home options start you on your journey to fabulous bedness.

 Everyone loves a good four poster bed and the Cape Bed is a great one!
The Santos Platform Bed is a beautiful, eye catching wood bed but it won’t overwhelm the space.
I love the headboard shape of the Madison Bed.
The Beam Bed is another beautiful, low profile wood bed. Made from reclaimed peroba wood from Brazil.
The Amelia Bed has always been one of my absolute favorites! I love the tufted headboard.

Green Envy!

Green is my favorite color! My bathroom walls are a fantastic Kelly Green, I love wearing green… my eyes are green. You get the picture. I have recently come across some great pics of people using green in the decor and wanted to share them.

LOVE the green cabinets!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Green walls AND a little green chandelier! 
(photo from More Design Please and room design by The Novogratz)
How about a green stove?? Love that color.
(photo from More Design Please)
AHHHH! Love it!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
 This room has green everywhere! Green wall (with a great print), green sofa and chair and green cabinet! AND they have LOST on the TV!! YES!
(photo from ArchZine)

Blogs We Love: More Design Please!

I found More Design Please today while browsing the fabulous Internet. More Design Please (MDP) is a fun blog created by Summer and she shares some fabulous fashion finds, decor ideas, food and design ideas! Take a peek. : ) I will definitely have More Design Please!
(all photos from More Design Please)

MDP shared Slow Wood Tables. I love these pieces! They are handmade with natural finishes and mineral paint.
More Design Please also shared this Kitchen Bull knife block, book shelf, cheeseboard combo by toro legno!! I love this! What Texas kitchen could be complete without it?!?
Ladies, how have you lived without this pink glitter tote (from Maryam Nassir Zadeh)?!? Thank Summer for finding it for you!
Gosh I love this room!
She also found these beautiful River Mirrors by Caryn Moberly. Gorgeous. They are made from burred elm and made to look like water flowing between 2 river banks.
 How about some yummy Dirt Cups! Crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and more!

 Pallet Wine Shelving!! DIY pallet ideas are everywhere!!

Villa Hellearmen in Stavanger, Norway!!

This is by far one of the most incredible houses I have ever seen! It was designed by the supremely talented, Norwegian architect, Tommie Wilhelmsen. It is so different and beautiful on the outside and gorgeous on the inside. I love all the wood! The curved wooded part of the exterior is amazing! I love all the curvy touches! I love all the windows! I love the white interior! I just can’t say enough about how much I love this house. Now, your turn to love it too.
(all photos from Miss Design)

Kind of looks like your on the deck of an old pirate ship (an extremely pretty, old pirate ship). LOVE!

Bushmans Kloof Retreat in South Africa

Oh my goodness! I found the Bushman Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat through Travel + Leisure and all I can say is, oh my goodness. Please send me here! I have always wanted to visit South Africa; it’s just gorgeous there and this retreat is simply incredible. It was voted The Best Hotel in the World in 2009 by Travel + Leisure. I seriously had to cut down on the number of photos I was about to share of this place but here are some amazing pictures. Tell me you don’t wanna go too!

 A couple of views of the surroundings. Beautiful.

 Just pictures yourself here (yes, it’s heated). Aren’t you happy and relaxed?

 Fire-pit and incredible views! Yes!

Yummy food!
I bet I would sleep really well in that bed!

I love the wallpaper in the bathroom. And that tub!
 And, of course we have to have the Spa! This is the Tranquility Lounge. Gorgeous.

 The Spa Gazebo! Outside and fabulous.