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Fresh Flowers

I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in my house. They are so pretty and so colorful… they make me happy. A bunch of cheery sunflowers can brighten up a room and an aromatic bunch of peonies can bring some elegance to the center of a table.

 Peonies are so beautiful! I love that these are in a simple mason jar. Just a note about peonies; the lighter the peony color the more fragrant they are AND when you buy them, make sure that most of the buds are closed pretty tight because they open up really fast!
(photo from The Decorista)
 Orchids are simple and elegant plus they last a lot longer than your standard bouquet. I had a white one in my bathroom and it added that little oomph that makes a big difference.
(photo from Casasugar)
 Pretty pink roses in a simple tin. 
(photo from My Sweet Savannah)
Love, LOVE this room! The yellow tulips compliment all the blues in this room so well!
(photo from Isabella & Max Rooms
I love this idea of a “floating vase”. Just hang flowers anywhere and everywhere!
 (photo and DIY instructions from Cupcakes and Cashmere)
Sweet Peas

How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric | Apartment Therapy Chicago

How do you solve the dilemma of finding patterned curtains that will match your existing paint colors?  Easy.  Use the left over paint to stencil your own patterned drapes.

I saw this DIY project over at Apartment Therapy, and I thought it was a creatively, awesome idea.  This budget friendly technique gives you unlimited possibilities in helping to tie in your drapery with the rest of your home decor.  All you need is some canvas fabric, paint, and just the right stencil pattern.  

Once you are done painting your walls, just use the left over paint to do your drapes!

 With any DIY project, be prepared to put in some good ole fashion elbow grease.

By no means is this going to be easy.  But the payoff can be immensely rewarding.

Voila!  You won’t have to worry about whether your drapery is going to match your wall colors. 

Food Journey: North

This might be my favorite sandwich of all time. 

The Braised Short Rib sandwich from North Restaurant is pure heaven. It is an off the menu item. There is so much flavor packed in the braised short rib, you don’t even need the side of mustard.  The lightly steamed broccoli and prosciutto was the perfect, refreshingly zesty side dish.  I get emotional just thinking about this sandwich.  North, do yourself a favor and put this on the main menu!

North Restaurant is located in the Domain Shopping Center in Austin, TX.

Love is such a strong word that I try not to throw around lightly.  This is truly LOVE at first bite!

Food Journey: Down House

The Five-Spice Pork Belly sandwich includes jalapeno slaw and sriracha on a toasted bun. 

Down House recently received rave reviews from Houston food critic, Alison Cook.  My favorite factoid of the day: Down House was named after the home of Charles Darwin.  They hand you the check stuffed in a Charles Darwin book.  How cool is that!  The wait staff is extra friendly.  Stop by and have their southern homage to the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich.

Tug of War: Which Bedroom Would You Dream In?

Oh, How Suite It Is to feel comfortable where you sleep. We have created two beautiful bedroom settings that will blow your mind. Each room is created with great details and pieces that are a work of art. Would you rather lay down in a nice and comfy suite or an elegant and glamorous getaway? Let us know which room you would spend the night away and you will be entered to win a $200 gift card to the High Fashion Home store. Time is running out! Click here to enter.

Antiqued Atelier

 How Suite Is It

The Little Couple at High Fashion Home

Jennifer from The Little Couple visited High Fashion Home back in January.  She and her husband, Bill, were looking to decorate their new home that is currently being built.  The episode just aired this past Tuesday.  We weren’t sure if our store was going to make it on an episode, so it was a cool surprise when HFH popped up on the show.