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>Pillows, Part 2! Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade Options

>Last week I did a post on pillows and got a suggestion, from Decorative Pillows, to showcase some eco-friendly and fair trade pillow options. They asked and shall receive.
For those of you not familiar with the term “fair trade” here is what it means- “Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability.” (Thank you for that explanation Wikipedia) And I’m pretty sure most of us out there know what eco-friendly means so I will just get on with showing the pillows! Enjoy! : )

These first 2 pillows are by Modernality via Etsy. The pillows are made of felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles! 

These next pillows come from a company called Gianna. Gianna offers lots of eco-friendly AND fair trade items but since we are talking pillows; here are some options from Gianna.

Organic Cotton Bubbles Pillow

 Organic Cotton Snowflake Neckroll Pillow

The next few pillows come from Humble Creations. They use organic cotton and non-toxic water based inks on their items.

Lattice Pillow (available in other colors too)
And last but not least, Ten Thousand Villages. We actually have a Ten Thousand Villages (a fair trade retailer) here in Houston. They sell items by artisans from all over the world.

Handmade Tree of Life Pillow

Handmade Hands Around the World Pillow

Handmade Rags to Riches Pillow

There are LOTS of eco-friendly and fair trade houseware options out there; just search the internet! A lot of the companies listed above sell other items too, not just pillows. Check ’em out!

>Tree House Hotel

>I just found these amazing tree house hotels in Harad, Sweden! They have all kinds of styles that are absolutely phenomenal. They suit anybody’s character from an almost invisible, mirrored look to a very rustic tree house. I would love to experience staying at a hotel like this. Maybe, one day my wish will come true!

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, look at that view!

If those lights weren’t on, I wonder how hard it would be to find this tree house.

This one has a very contemporary look. It’s definitely not what I think of when it comes to tree houses.

Hope your not afraid of heights!

Nicer that what I expected for a tree house, plus a beautiful view to add to it.

I would call this one camouflage in the woods.  It is like your own little hide out.

This one reminds me of little red riding hood. Very cute!


>I love pillows. I’ve been looking at a lot of them lately because I want to add a new one to my couch…. or make one for my couch. Pillows are a small thing that can make a big difference in the look of a couch, a bed, a chair and they add a nice touch of color, texture or design without being too overwhelming. I found several online that I think are cute.

 The Orimono Pillow from Anthropologie. I love Anthro pillows! This one is colorful but not too bright and it’s very pretty.

 Another Anthropologie pillow. Patterns Revealed, Stripes. Cute!

 Pink Suzani Pillow from World Market. This would look really good on a white sofa.

 The Blue and Spice Ikat Pillow from World Market. This one is classic and colorful but not too much.

Pier One’s Floral Bouquet Pillow. I love the red and it’s such a fun pillow!

 The Patterns Revealed Pillow, Bloom from Anthropologie. I love the ribbons on the pillow.

I added this picture, from Southern Living, because I adore the pillows on the chair and sofa. They were made specifically for the couple who owns this house. The fabric is Super Paradise Print in Punch by Trina Turk.

>Tug of War: Which living space do you like best?

>Ready for another round of tug of war? We have set up two great living rooms against each other. There’s Earthy Modern which contains the Cynthia sofa that is cute and small, great for apartment living. This room encompasses earth tones that set an easygoing mood. The mid-century modern style combined with the rustic elements all come together well because of the details in the room. Now, the Industrial Countryside Chic living area has a family feel. With the over-sized Andre slipcover sectional and it’s down blend cushions, thoughts of comfort and good entertainment come to mind. This room also has incorporated rustic elements, but it makes this room feel country the way it’s styled. Another difficult decision to go over, although not without rewards. Just Click here and you will be directed to our Facebook page. This is where you will leave a comment on your favorite and you can enter to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Hurry, this could be your reward!

Earthy Modern

Industrial Countryside Chic

>New Kids On The Block

>The S Chair and the Mib Chair seem to be bringing a little funk into society. I can tell you that if you need to change up your style, these two chairs will go a long way. Your friends will envy that they didn’t think of this idea first. Instead, they will be stuck with some ordinary plastic chairs that do not compare yours because you, of course, have exquisite taste. Do not fall behind, hold your head high and flaunt the designer inside!

>Gotta Love Nate!!

>Nate Berkus is such a cute, interior designing genius. There, I said it. And, I really love his show. Today he did a segment on wall design without paint. For those of us who live in apartments or lease condos and can’t paint walls, Nate offers his upholstered wall idea. On the show, he actually took a printed tablecloth (but you could use a sheet or other cotton fabric) and “glued” it to the wall with liquid starch. The liquid starch doesn’t harm the walls and is easy to remove when you need to. Check out the video and then get starching!

 That’s the tablecloth on the wall! Looks great and doesn’t look difficult to do. Thanks Nate. : )