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Deep In The Heart of Texas

While decorating my soon-to-be-born baby’s nursery, I’ve been browsing Apartment Therapy and Ohdeeohmy bed! for cool, modern inspirations.  Today, I found these fantastic pillows, one of which I would love to have on.
You can find your state (and even customize the color and where your heart lies) at Love, California on Etsy.  This would actually make a perfect gift for my sister and her husband- two Texans living in California.  Nothing like getting some Christmas shopping done early!

Roman’s Top Ten Countdown # 7

Hi Everyone! This next one took me a while because I didn’t know what was worth the #7 spot. The Shi Shi Table (#049651; $859) is a mirrored gem of a table and is definitely a glamorous addition to your home.
The curved legs of the table is what makes this an outstanding piece, in my opinion.

This Land Is Garland…

Is it just me or are garlands the new hot thing?  I can’t look at one of my favorite daily blogs without seeing a post on garlands.  They are ALL over Etsy.  They’re draped in shop windows, too!  It makes me want to throw a party and drape garlands all over my apartment!  Do you think my husband would object to that?  Probably, but while I work on getting him keen to the idea, here are a couple of garlands that I’ve fallen for:

I love the texture of this garland from 3 Girls + a Goat, and the hearts make it oh so sweet!
 This colorful ball garland from This Neck of the Woods would add a nice dash of whimsy to our nursery.  Plus, I like how the balls are three dimensional!

Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2010 Winner!

The grand prize winner of Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2010 is one of Houston’s own. Chris Nguyen’s Montrose area 450 sq. foot home was recently crowned the winner of Apartment Therapy’s sixth annual contest for the “smallest, coolest” homes. There were over 500 submissions and from those 500, 165 were featured and voted on by Apartment Therapy readers. He really did an amazing job! Sometimes while looking at the pictures of his home, I forgot I was looking at a space that’s only 450 sq. feet! Chris’s win was also mentioned in the Houston Chronicle. Here are pictures of Chris’s award winning space. Enjoy!

 He found the couch on Craigslist!

I love how simple the kitchen/dining area is. Notice the rack he has hanging above the counter to hold kitchen utensils. Great idea if you have limited drawer space.

The Louis Ghost Chair helps reduce visual clutter.

The screen does double duty as a projector screen and a room divider.

Another view of the bedroom area.


Every time I need some design inspiration, one of the first places I go to is despire to inspire.  They recently highlighted some awesome pictures from +fotogénica, a photography studio.  Judging from the photos below, it is easy to see why their works are regularly featured in Elle Decor.

I really like the grid tufts on the sectional.  Having two coffee tables gives you a lot of versatility. 
 Nothing like a bath tub that receives a ton of natural light and a nice scenic view.

  Beautiful open space.  Great for parties.  Tons of seating with the low, deep seating, modern sectional.  The counter height table that sits 8 works very well for gatherings.

 I think I’ve seen these chairs somewhere

 The ideal master bedroom has to have multiple, outstanding views.  The grommet, silk drapes adds a touch of class.
 It’s hard to find double wide chaises.  The functionality is great.

 With the ever so popular commercial vent hood, the kitchen island serves as a gathering space for group cooking and dining.

 High ceilings and stylish chandeliers adds to a very dramatic hallway.

 The sophisticated, grey walls blend perfectly with the crisp, white sofas.

 A very Spanish-inspire, casual look.

 I’m not sure if I have ever seen a room like this.  A gorgeous dining table that is suitable for all occasions.  A banquet wraps around the room for an audience with an audience effect.

Stripes Galore!

Is it just me or are stripes everywhere right now? Could be just me; wouldn’t be the first time. Either way, I got inspired to blog about stripes. Painting stripes on walls or floors, cute striped shirts, striped furniture….You get the idea. Enjoy! : )

DIY striped galvanized serving tray

Altamar throw rug

Striped Kilim Sofa

 Colorful Striped Chair from Dransfield & Ross

Meeting Place Tank and Curated Tee from Anthropologie
(they had LOTS of striped shirts!)

Now that’s some bold stripe usage! (via Jonathan Klunk)

 Another photo via Jonathan Klunk