Monthly Archives: March 2010

What’s Your Passion?

Moleskine has a very cool new product out for those of you with passion. They are (appropriately) called Moleskine Passions– journals to record the things you love.

My dad would probably be into the Book Journal, where he can make lists of books he’d like to read, make notes about books he’s currently perusing, and jot down good quotes.

My in-laws would like the Wine Journal where they can write down their favorite wines and vineyards, learn new wine lingo, and keep a list of what they currently have in their wine refrigerators. Yes, plural refrigerators.

I would love the the Recipe Journal since I’m always looking for new recipes and getting opinions from the husband on what he likes, what I could change, what could go with that chicken we had last night, and so on and so forth.

They also have music, film, and wellness journals for those who love music, film, and themselves. Their words, not mine!

Click here to find out where to purchase these little bad boys.

Get Your Granny On

Remember when I fell in love with Jonathan Adler’s Bargello pillows? Now, I have a new designer to love! Trina Turk is rolling out beautiful needlepoint pillows in cheerful hues and patterns. A reminder to me that I need to pull out the needle and yarn again and finish that bargello pillow I started several months ago!

Books, Books Everywhere!

No bookshelves? No problem! In the latest issue of Lonny, I spotted a couple of strategically placed book piles that looked quite at home despite a lack of formal storage. I rather like the look, with a something-or-another perched on top. Call it disheveled chic!

Or Are You A Girl?

So, yesterday I dreamed of a nursery for a baby boy. Today, I’m thinking of a baby girl…

These Blabla dolls are so soft. The Lollie Monkey is my favorite!

My sister really like the sling carriers from New Native, and I think the pattern on this one is pretty.

Trumpette has a ton of cute socks for girls, but Suzie Q’s topped my list!

Target did a service to parents everywhere by teaming up with Dwell to create crib bedding. The Tulip set is sweet and bright!
Hopefully, on Friday I’ll be able to post on which direction the nursery will be taking!

Are You A Boy?

So, hubby and I are expecting baby #1! I didn’t want to tire everyone out with baby this and baby that, but since we’re finding out on Friday whether the little nugget (as we affectionately refer to him or her in the office) is a boy or a girl, I thought I could break down and share a thing or two about the way I imagine the nursery to shape up over the next 4 1/2 months. We just moved into a new apartment with a bedroom for the baby. The only thing in there at the moment is a shabby chic yellow chest to be used as a changing table. It’s basically a blank slate, so I want to fill it with some beautiful stuff.

If it’s a boy…

I love the Owls Sky Crib Set from Dwell Studio. It’s bright and cheerful with the turquoise and kelly green!

Tough camo socks from Trumpette will keep baby’s feet nice and toasty.

I’ve had my eye on this Sheep Mobile from Blabla since before I was pregnant. It’s so sweet!

It’s not that I’ve never changed a diaper. It’s that I’ve never changed a diaper under the influence of massive sleep deprivation. These are just too hilarious not to get. Blue Clown Hat Pee-pee Teepees from Beba Bean.

Tomorrow, I enter more familiar territory: the baby girl. (Because I was one.)

Interior Design in NYC Apartment

I was impressed by the interior design of Stefan Boublil, creative director of The Apartment Creative Agency (via Contemporist). The Apartment Creative Agency offers fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture, and interior design services. A very eclectic mix of services indeed. I’m not sure how their other services are, but they do offer a great interior design service. Here are photos to prove it.

They combined 3 units on the 61st floor of the Metropolitan Tower. Working with that square footage, they were allowed to incorporate a very large sectional to accommodate the space.

They artfully built custom bookshelves and were able to incorporate the flat screen TV.

Not sure why I never thought of putting a stool in the shower. Brilliant!

Photography by Michael Weber

I love the rustic table with the iron legs. I’m evening digging the paper mache T-Rex.

Rarely do you see built-ins for a piano. It works.

I would read more than I do if I had that view of the NYC skyline and a hanging chair.

Usually your pedestal sinks are varying shades of white. I like role reversal with the white, muted tiles and the apple green pedestal sink being the star centerpiece in the bathroom.