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Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Tomorrow is the start of a new holiday tradition. We’re throwing a party, so if you’re in Houston, pick up a new toy or clothing to donate to Houston Children’s Charity, and stop by the store. There will be drinks and nibbles, awesome music, and DISCOUNTS! Get some Christmas shopping done (minus the mall traffic). P.S. We’ll gift wrap it, too. Don’t forget to RSVP!

Puff, The Magic Jacket

For quite a while, I thought all things puffy were just ridiculous. However, I’ll be the first to admit when I am wrong, and folks, I was wrong. The cute, cool, and downright sophisticated jackets and vests below have proven me wrong.

I was mostly drawn to the color of this one. Not that I would need anything this hardcore in Houston. Still, fun to look. Moka Coat by Moncler @ Barney’s Co-op, $950.

Leave it to J. Crew to make a puffer vest look ladylike. Love the skinny belt over the vest! Sherpa Puffer Vest, $118.

It’s the non-puffy puffer jacket. Just enough puff to keep you warm courtesy of Gap. Puffer Cardigan, $98.

I’d say this is the most masculine of the bunch, but it is called the Military Puffer Jacket. $69 at Banana Republic.

I love how this one creates a slim waist, even in a puffy jacket. That’s no small feat! Puffed Chevrons Jacket, $128 at Anthropologie.


I’m in love with all of the tough-but-not zipper details I’m seeing everywhere. Designers are putting lengths of zipper in all of the places they used to put trim. That’s thinking outside the box…

Punk up your package with Zipper Tape @ Walker Art
Zipper Rose Cuff by Adia Kibur.

Rosette Platforms from Topshop.

Zipper Pin @ Walker Art.

I love how the zipper detail makes the sleeves hold their shape. Pretty and practical!

Stunning Buildings With Whole Trees

This would have been the ultimate house as a kid.

From the NY Times, an unmilled tree can hold 50% more weight than the largest piece of lumber milled from the same tree. The more whole wood is used in place of steel, the less carbon is pumped into the air. By peeling smaller weed trees out of a crowded forest stand, the remaining trees get bigger and healthier. The small diameter trees are useful for rafters and framing. The large trees that were downed by wind or disease make for excellent columns and beams. This low cost, energy efficient structure is from the vision of World Tree Architecture and Construction. Whole Trees can keep construction costs as low as $100 per square foot. There is much to admire about this fantastically, brilliant idea.

I would have actually been excited to go to school every day if that was the bed I woke up from.
This energy efficient building gets the inherent energy benefits of the unmilled wood along with solar panel technology.

Lots of natural light gives this house an sense of nature indoors.

We Did It!

Top Five Reasons To Conquer a Half-Marathon:
#5: It’s a good excuse to skip the parties and get to bed early!
#4: The bags full of free swag!

#3: Holiday pounds? Not you!

#2: The awe of family and friends. “You ran how many miles?!”

#1: The satisfaction and pride you get from crossing that finish line faster than you predicted!

You may have guessed by now that I did some running this weekend. Cynthetica and I travelled West to San Antonio for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon and we had a blast! There were some pre-race nerves, but we did better than we expected with a time of 2 hours, 29 minutes and 7 seconds. Considering this was the longest run I’d ever attempted, I was pretty pleased! The highlight of the course for me (aside from the finish line) had to be one spectator’s “inspiring” sign spied around mile 8: “Don’t stop now…Finishing is your only damn option.” How true.

Metropolitan Home Is Now Homeless.

Met Home’s next issue will be it’s last.

It’s a sad day for modern home design enthusiasts. Metropolitan Home will be closing it’s door by year end. The December 2009 issue will be the last for the venerable shelter magazine after 28 years in publication. Everyone that currently has a subscription to Met Home will now receive Elle Decor instead. 

Metropolitan Home is joining a growing list of defunct home decor magazines with Domino, House and Garden, and O at Home all closing it’s doors in the past 18 months. With the tough housing market, struggling home furnishings industry, and bad economy, shelter magazines are facing dwindling ad revenues. 

Hopefully as retail sales rebounds this Holiday season and beyond, we’ll be able to keep reading current shelter magazines, and new shelter magazines will emerge in these opportunistic times.