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Silver Belles

It’s great to have beautiful silver flatware, but to be honest, it just doesn’t get enough face time. I think it’s time for fancy silverware to get more exposure, and, it seems, others agree with me.

All the elegance with none of the upkeep… Grain de Couleur Couverts Tea Towel (also comes in fork or knife designs), $39 @ The Conran Shop.

I adore this chandelier for a breakfast nook. So country chic! Even better, it’s made of vintage silverware. The appropriately named Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Chandelier, $4800 @ Anthropologie.

Silver Birch

Before I wrapped my Christmas gifts, I went on a mad search for wrapping paper printed with birch trees. Pottery Barn displayed gifts that way and it was so chic I had to have it! Alas, I didn’t get my wish, but I have seen a ton of birch print since then. Maybe it’s because I’m actually looking for it now. Yes, it’s quite wintery and we are heading into Spring, but it’s pretty nonetheless.

It’s only fitting for a duvet printed with nature to be organic. Birch Tree Organic Duvet Cover & Sham at Pottery Barn.

Organic is sexy: Stella McCartney Pump.

You can’t open a decorating magazine without seeing this wallpaper. Woods by Cole & Son.

DIY Entry Table

Apparently, I’m in quite the Do-It-Yourself mood, because I’ve found another project for myself. Every time I’ve looked for a piece for my entryway, I’ve been looking for a chest or console table, and good looking ones are not cheap. I like this inexpensive alternative. Maybe it’s obvious to everyone but me, but I never thought of getting a cheap table from, say, Ikea, and covering it with a pretty linen or cotton. I like the look. It’s soft and organic. Thanks, Domino! What will I do without you?!

Kindle 2 from Amazon: Back And Better Than Ever!

Kindle 2 from Amazon 

We talked about the Kindle’s original incarnation back in April. Now Amazon has introduced version 2.0 with tons a new features. There are 230,000 books that you can download any time, anywhere in under 60 seconds. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is dead set on making the Kindle the next big thing. His vision is to have every book ever printed to be available for the Kindle. Also, for the busy parent, there is a read the text out loud feature available.
Is the Kindle going to replace the ‘book’?

It’s smaller than a magazine and lighter than most paperbacks.

I’m Seeing A Pattern…

I love these eye-catching pumps from Dries Van Noten‘s Spring ’08 collection. A-Mazing!

It takes a certain eye to be able to combine patterns that to the untrained eye look nothing alike. I may not have that skill, but I think these pattern combinations may inspire me to try sometime!

Love the varying patterns on these dining chairs. Very eclectic! (I can’t remember where this photo came from. If anyone knows please tell me!)
Again, don’t remember the source for this, but the combination of patterns is fantastic!

I couldn’t pick just one pair of Dries Van Noten shoes, so I added all of my faves! Aren’t they stunning? I wish I had a pair (or three)!
Anthropologie is jumping on the pattern bandwagon with their Terai Chairs.

Trees Make a World of Difference!

High Fashion Home has teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation, to plant one tree for every piece of furniture purchased. Our first donation is in, and we’d like to thank all of our customers for helping to plant 2,197 trees. Our reforestation efforts are aimed at Western States that have been ravaged by forest fires in recent years. Let’s keep making a difference one tree at a time!

Lingering extreme drought conditions have set the stage for wildfires in many western states, including Montana, Oregon and California.

Border Patrol

The idea of wallpapering an entire room can be daunting, yes? That’s why I love the idea of creating a border around the room. For example…

The tile border around the bottom of the wall brings all the colors together beautifully! Photo via Domino.

Stay in a suite at Lafayette House in New York and you’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on, including the gorgeous wallpaper making up the top portion of the wall.