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The End… of 2008

Image via Grundlepuck at Flickr. 

Well, well, well. It’s been quite a year, eh? It’s been a year of many ups (getting married) and downs (Hurricane Ike) for me, as I’m sure it’s been for you. For one night, forget the downs, celebrate the ups, and welcome 2009 with style! Happy New Year everyone! A virtual toast to us all!

Weekly Obsession: Leave the Light On

See that ornate crystal chandelier hanging out in the background? Sometimes that hits the spot, but sometimes it’s just too much. That’s why I’m more interested in the simple glass cylinder in the foreground. An old-timey light bulb adds some interest, but it’s great either way. Picture a row of them hanging over a kitchen island or a group of them hanging over a dining table at various heights. Imagine the possibilities!

Luminaries Glass Hanging Cylinder, $189 at High Fashion Home.

Budget Cuts

I discovered a very cool artist the other day via NotCot. Her name is Justine Smith as she creates amazing scultures and works on paper using international currency. Well, that’s one way to spend your cash. Nothing I say could possibly do justice to her work, so it’s best if you just check out her website and decide for yourself. I bet you’ll think it’s fab!

Cupcake Madness: What Some People Can Do With Icing…

I’ve always thought the iPhone would be a lot better if it was edible…
Cupcake Design by Nick Lamp; Danielle Bilton.

I would not even begin to presume myself to be a cupcake artist. My cupcakes are delicious, sure, but pretty? Not even close. I pretty much slap some frosting on haphazardly and call it a day. That’s why I am amazed by what some people can do with icing! Works of art on a surface smaller than my palm! All designs below are via Hello Naomi on Flickr.

And who could resist Pac-man?
Check out her website for many more adorable cupcake creations!
If you’d like to see examples of what not to do, be sure to look at Cake Wrecks, and observe the dreaded CCC (CupCake Cake). It’s a life lesson for us all.
Bon appetit!

Stuff Your Stocking! Part Two

I hope you enjoyed part one of the Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide, but if you didn’t, maybe these will win your over! Twenty-five more tiny treasures for someone you love (or at least kind of like). Take a peek…

From top left, by row:

Tarina Tarantino Large Oval Cocktail Ring at Zappos, $92 (duh! Free shipping!)
Viva Terra Organic Chocolate Truffles, $36
Suck Uk Hymn Book iPod Case, available at High Fashion Home, $26
Pluma Feather Headband in Blue at Revolve, $48 (Other colors available and so in style!)
Pottery Barn & SurEvolution Frangipani Server Set, $27
Umbra iPod Nano Bungee in Blue, about $11
Uncommon Goods On/Off Duty Pillowcase Set, $32 (For those new parents!)
Victoria’s Secret Pink Cotton Button-front Hipster in All Heart, about $8
White House/Black Market Grey Glass Pearl Starburst Pin, $41
Lutz & Patmos Cable Pillow Cover at West Elm, $39 (Don’t forget a pillow insert!)
Benefit “That Gal” Face Brightening Primer at Ulta, $28
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel at Sephora, $45
Ikea Skimmer 11″ Candlestick, $10 (Buy one of each size and mix them!)
Pier 1 Notepads, $6 each
Chef’n Garlic Zoom at Sur la Table, $10
Melissa Joy Manning Chain Wrapped Amethyst Drop Earrings at Shop Bop, about $88
Urban Outfitters Mix Tape Flash Drive, $15 (Add your own personalized mix!)
Williams-Sonoma Olive Wood Salt Keeper, $49
Papyrus Rainbow Swirl with Glitter Thank You Notes, $10
ZGallerie “Not Yours” Luggage Tag, $7
Oneida Set of 4 Cheese Spreaders, $20
Melie Bianco Diagonal Zip Clutch at Piperlime, $59
Restoration Hardware Rubik’s Cube, about $10 (Everyone has to have one of these!)
MoMa Mini Sky Umbrella at Target, $35
RabLabs Agate Coaster Set of 4 at High Fashion Home, $59
Merry Christmas!