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Pumpkin Panache

Painstakingly detailed work via Martha Stewart.

I’ve never been a big Halloween celebrator myself, but I do love a good pumpkin carving session. You can’t be squeamish when it’s time to pull the pumpkin-ey guts out! The things some people can do with a pumpkin and a knife- it’s amazing! I’m sure I’ll see lots more creepy creations after Halloween is over, but to get you (and myself) in the ghoulish spirit, here are some good ones I’ve found:

Only one problem- your pumpkin will be completely naked by the end of the night. It’s still awesome, though. Via Extreme Pumpkins (yes, there are entire websites devoted to the art of pumpkin carving!).

Great pumpkin concept- unfortunately it was made with Photoshop and not a knife. If anyone is willing to give it a shot, send me a photo and I’ll post your effort! Via Worth1000.

It takes a very steady hand to make a skull this perfect from a pumpkin. Via Extreme Pumpkins.

I want to try another Martha Stewart idea this year- painting my jack-o-lanterns with black paint to up the spooky factor!

Another Photoshop design that I would love to see done! Via Worth1000.

A filigreed jack-o-lantern face. That’s quite a practice in patience! Via Martha Stewart.

Fashion vs. Furniture: The Wedding Edition

There’s no doubt about your answer when you’re wearing this Dior ring!
I love a good wedding… especially when it’s mine. Yes, it’s finally here! I’m getting married on Saturday! And with all the wonderful wedding spirit in the air, I had to bring on another edition of Fashion vs. Furniture, because it’s my favorite thing to do! Enjoy! (My, my, my, but weddings do bring out the exclamation point-edness in me!)

A Modern Art Gallery Soiree

An art gallery might not be the first place that comes to mind to host your wedding reception, but it could be an amazing option! All the decoration you need is in the art, so everything else should be kept clean and simple. For the dress, pick something that is a work of art in itself. I love this quirky layered gown I found at Martha Stewart. Gallery photo via Flickr, Dress by Lela Rose.

A Casual Beach Bash

When you take the nuptuals outdoors, it’s a good chance to get relaxed- dress and all. Kick off your shoes (yeah, like you could walk down a sand aisle in heels!), and put on a flowy gown that matches the casual atmosphere. Dress by Angel Sanchez.

An Intimate Restaurant Affair

A reception at a swanky restaurant, such as Tavern on the Green in New York, is a great excuse to wear something glam and sparkly. Everything in the room, from the crystal to the velvet chairs, seems to light up, and why should the bride be any different? This dress from Lela Rose should do the trick quite nicely!

An Airy Picnic Party

I’ve always loved the idea of a sweet picnic reception on a lovely Spring day, but alas, a lovely Spring day in Houston is as difficult to predict as what I’ll be doing in 30 years! For those of you with year round beautiful weather (Northern California, I’m looking at you!), a picnic complete with gourmet sack lunches and charming cotton blankets is a romantic way to celebrate in the daytime. This J. Crew wedding dress is perfect for a day in the park, too!

A Classic Hotel Celebration

Is this Carolina Herrera gown not just perfect for the setting at the Hotel Icon? A timeless backdrop deserves a timeless look, and Carolina Herrera always delivers that! There’s really nothing more to say, except that this is beautiful!

A Family Backyard Festivity

If you’re fortunate enough to have a generous backyard, put it to good use. I love how rustic the decor at this wedding looks. String up some lights for when the sun sets and the party never has to end. For an outdoor fiesta, I’d choose a gown in a classic shape, created from comfortable vegetable-dyed silk to stay cool all evening. As for fighting frizz- you’re on your own! Dress by Adele Wechsler.

A Different World

A full view of The Great Indoors by Aurora Robson.

I apologize in advance for telling you this on such late notice. There is an amazing exhibit at the Rice Gallery and I’ve only just seen it. Aurora Robson has created a new world inside the Rice Gallery. You might remember the blog I wrote about another exhibit entitled Dans la Lune by Kirsten Hassenfeld. This was another one of those experiences- the kind where every direction I turned there was something new and beautiful to look at. The artist literally transformed the small gallery space into, what I would describe as, a colorful planet in outer space.
Every piece of the 15,000 plastic bottles she collected was used to create something beautiful.

At first, you walk in through a vibrant tunnel, with each section looking unique from the one before. In the center of the tunnel, you come to a small cave, centered around a solar-powered, LED-lit, vivid red ornament resembling the heart of the world. Outside the tunnel are free-hanging configurations that conjure images of alien creatures.

I couldn’t get enough of the free-hanging heart within the center of the tunnel.

One of the lavish creatures hanging outside of the tunnel.

According to the artist, her landscape was based on the human body, explaining the warm color palette used. Perhaps the coolest part of the exhibit is the materials she used: recycled plastic bottles. Any green you see is a Sprite bottle. For the ribs of the tunnel, she used only Poland Spring brand water. Most of the plastic is airbrushed with water-based paint giving it an impossibly consistent, tinted look.

A closeup of one of the hanging ornaments. I can only imagine how much time it took to create just one of these detailed masterpieces.

See the Rice Gallery website for more information, but keep in mind that pictures don’t do this exhibit justice! If you have time to check it out before it closes on Sunday, October 26th, prepare to be amazed!

HF Weekly Obsession: The White Stuff

I have a vision for my future. One day, I’ll get a cute little home in the Houston suburbs and thoughtfully decorate it. Of course, my family room will be stain proof, mess proof, and every other kind of proof you can imagine, but I’ll have a room of my own in which to use my favorite color palette: white with white with white. I see shabby chic white living rooms in decorating magazines and wish I could do that. But, messy husbands and (future) kids dictate that white furniture is not in the cards. In the house in which I grew up, my sisters and I knew that playing and spilling was done only in the Family Room, and the Living Room was for holidays and adults only. Mom wouldn’t appreciate a Kool-aid stain in her nice white carpet. So maybe I can have my cloud-hued dream room. First, I’ll invest in this:

Sharp, white leather in a grid tufted pattern with modern chrome legs would make the perfect cocktail table in front of a white sofa. Rex Bench by American Leather.

After my white room is complete, I’ll throw a party serving only clear liquids (as in that episode of Sex and the City), and then install a gate to keep out the Kool-aid!

Typographical Content

We write all the time. We jot down phone messages, pen thank you’s to our friends and family, and maybe even do a little Dear Diary-ing from time to time. Our penmanship can identify us to coworkers, siblings, possibly (yikes!) the crime lab. The way we cross our t’s and dot our i’s (I’ve finally outgrown the heart-over-the-i stage!) is a part of who we are, like our face or voice. That being said, some artists take it to a whole new level. Peruse NotCot and you’ll find countless entries on typography (well, okay, only 109 posts, but that a lot!), and some of the findings are nothing less than magnificent! Here are some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure…
Customised Fruit by Sarah King @ Evening Tweed

Ink and Water by Craig Ward



Letter E by Dan Tobin Smith

I [heart] Milton by Oded Ezer

Waste Not

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be “green”, recycling is an easy thing anyone can do to prevent waste. After you empty that jar of jam, instead of tossing it in the garbage, rinse it and recycle it. It only takes a few extra minutes (if that) of your time and there are tons of places at which to drop your collected containers if your neighborhood doesn’t collect it for you. Earth 911 will help you locate recycling centers in your area.

That being said, the toughest part of recycling can be keeping everything separated so that you can drop it off later. Of course, you don’t need anything fancy- labelled trash cans would do the trick, but here are some great containers I found to keep your recycling organized.

If you have a larger family and enough room for several slim garbage cans, try the SimpleHuman Slim Step Garbage Cans from Crate & Barrel. They’ll hold a lot of recycling so that you don’t have to drop it off every other day. $39.95 each.

If you really require a space saving design, or if you love to hear your aluminum cans crunch, try the Ecopod. There’s a hole in the top for cans or bottles, which you can crush and then collect in a container in the bottom. Also, lift the lid for paper and glass storage. Unfortunately their online store isn’t currently open, but check back if you’re interested.

One Sofa, Four Ways

I’ve been pondering something: Why do people with already fantastic style hire stylists? Why do people with impeccable taste hire designers? I think I know the answer (and no, it’s not for a lack of time, though that could be a reason as well). Sometimes you need a second opinion. I see things from my own perspective and it can be hard to look beyond that. But I could bring in another opinion (a stylish sister, perhaps) and an idea that never occurred to me comes to life!

I thought about the way we accessorize new arrivals in our store. No two people design vignettes the same way, but can get equally dazzling results. With that in mind, I gathered two of my fellow bloggers to help me in accessorizing a plain jane sofa for the benefit of you- the reader. Who knows, maybe you’ll take our second, third, and fourth opinions as the inspiration for your redesigned living room!

First, our plain jane sofa, ready for action:

The Aiden Sofa makes a perfect blank canvas with which to begin our work, $1849.

And, here are the results:
Sarah’s Idea

Elliot Chair, $2699; Organic Cocktail Table, $1209; Arden Side Table, $389; Jet Set Black Silk Pillows, $50 each; Carmine Persimmon Velvet Pillow $68; Bamboo Vase, $189; Pomegranate Room Diffuser, $40.

Stephanie’s Idea:
Cedric Cocktail Table, $695; Cedric End Table, $450; Remington Adjustable Stool, $369 each; Wilton Antique Rust Table Lamp, $89.95; Horse Drawn Wagon, $59; Caswell Red Pepper Pillow, $110; Caswell Fudge Pillow, $90; Guava Wood Pedestal Medium, $19.95; Guava Wood Pedestal Small, $13.95.
Brian’s Idea:

Leather Earl Chair, $1589; Copenhagen Coffee Table, $609; Carioca End Table, call for pricing; Skyler Lamp, $209; Cowhide Pillow, $99; Sage Mohair Pillow, $140; Zecar Flywheel Car, $12; Awika Wind-Up, $12; Newton’s Cradle, $6.50.

Jennifer’s Idea:

Exposition Chair, $1429: Sukiya Coffee Table, $999; Soriano Side Table, $199; Whirl Bronze Pillow, $110; Plaza Aqua Pillow, $75.

All items are available at High Fashion Home.