Everything But The Kitchen Table…

A preppy kitchen booth with extra storage below is always handy.

Lately, I’ve been hunting for the perfect kitchen table and chairs. Something small enough for my little apartment’s dining room, but still enough to fill the breakfast nook of a house in the future. I really want a clean and modern round table to surround with industrial metal or mix-and-match antique dining chairs. Luckily, I have lots of pictures to serve as inspiration in my search!

A relaxed and airy breakfast nook at Amanda Peet’s home.

A simple and rustic booth in a breakfast nook.

Tres minimal… Straight pieces of wood and chairs with just a little curve.

A nook with a view at the home of Billy & Katie Joel.

Granted, this takes a little more effort to build a bar out from the counter, but the combination of marble and colorful barstools is fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Everything But The Kitchen Table…

  1. Anonymous

    Any chance you could post the credits for the tables in the magazines? I’m looking for a table just like in the first or third picture and would love to know where they came from. Thanks!!

  2. Thomas Maloney

    My favourite too is the third image with the nice contrast between the colourful stools and the marble table. I am quite good at carpentry too and think I could actually have a go at designing and making this. At the moment we have a small pull-out table from the wall but it gets in the way when pulled out and isn’t convenient at all. Also there is no storage in our kitchen so I think I will have to apply myself to that issue too.


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