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Solar Lily Pads

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I saw this on Inhabitat recently and thought this was brilliantly innovative. These Solar Lily Pads, inspired by nature, involve placing large solar panel discs on the surface of the River Clyde. The “lily pad” discs were created by ZM Architecture to aesthetically blend into the river ecology in Glasgow, Scotland.

The solar lily pads are equipped with an integrated motor and sensor which allows the discs to rotate toward the sun. The solar lily pads would therefore receive maximum exposure to the sun’s rays.

The energy generated from the solar lily pads would be transferred to the city’s main grid. Additionally, the plan could potentially be a catalyst for increased urban development and tourism. The proposal has been submitted to the Glasgow City Council for a trial project.

French Decadence: Le BelleChasse

I just flipped through the June issue of Metropolitan Home, when I landed on this page stopper. Number 49 on the Design 100 list was none other than Hotel Le BelleChasse. This immaculate hotel is located blocks from the Musee d’Orsay. The decor is seemlingly straight out of a Tim Burton movie. Fashion designer, Christian LaCroix, has created such a striking and diverse palette of imagery with antiques, contemporary art, playing cards, and Renaissance architecture. The colors, angles, textures, and styles are blended seamlessly to form a visual tour de force.

Who really thinks of incorporating insects and geometric shapes on wall paper? It works.

Beautiful pinks, blacks, and whites are taken straight from Lacroix’s apparel fashion world.

There are so many rich visuals going on, yet there is an underlying calm to the room.

Clean, modern aesthetics combined with a Bohemian feel.

Gorgeous, velvet tufted chairs in the lobby.

I had to look twice to make sure the lush visuals were actually real! The mix and match dining chairs should be more utilized in the home decor world.

The illustrations do a wonderful job in capturing the exaggerated beauty of the hotel.

Top 5: Green Sports Cars by Inhabitat

I’m pretty happy driving my Toyota Prius. Of course, my perspective is not of one that is a “car aficionado.” Hybrid cars are becoming a much more relevant topic, especially due to higher gas prices and greater concerns for the environment. I tell people all the time that they should consider going with a hybrid, but the main objection I usually get is either price, style, and/or driving muscle. Well, Inhabitat has posted their “Top 5 Sexiest Sustainable Sports Cars”. I can’t say that these green machines address the price issue. But the cars are definitely stylish, and they’ll be able to get you some speeding tickets.

The Search for Inspiration

Whether you are decorating a new house or redecorating an old one, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. When customers call our store in search of some guidance, one of the first questions I throw out is, “What kind of colors do you like?”. Most people have some idea of what color they want to focus on, even if they don’t know where to go from there. Wear Palettes will be your new best friend. They take cool photos and translate them into color palettes, giving you instant inspiration for your next interior undertaking. You can flip through all of their ideas or browse by color. Here are some of my faves:

The nice thing is that you can find neutral palettes, punches of color, really bold combinations- basically, whatever floats your boat. So try it out and get ready to be inspired!

Store Display: Yellow Wall

Here is our latest store display located on the 3rd floor from our visual design team. The bold yellow color with the Hollywood Glam elements makes for a very striking statement.

The Bovary Dining Table has a patterned limestone top with antique brass legs.

When there are 15,000 fabrics to work with, it allows you the chance to put up gorgeous drapes wherever you want.

The Chandler Leather Sectional in a new, true white leather.

Undercover Decorator: Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is a pretty good actor! Her body of work is quite diverse and highly acclaimed with four Oscar nominations to prove it. But her most unexpected role might just be “Interior Decorator”. She’s been featured in this month’s Domino magazine. It highlights her working with a very modest $15,000 budget (at least for celebrity).

Before and After: Adding punches of color transforms the room from boring to chic.

Amazing what blue flooring can do for a space. Adding books always helps.

For some reason, everything becomes a little more glamorous with fur.

The Rochelle Sofa is a great mid-century modern furniture piece!

Before and After: Went from an Ikea Sofa to the Rochelle Sofa from Crate and Barrel.

When your acting career consists of over 50 movie roles, you’d be smiling too!

The HF List: High Point 2008: Best of the Rest!

For my final installment, I’d just like to show y’all a few things that really caught my eye. Market is a time when people bring out their best creations. For some companies, that is the new “It” sofa. For others, it is something creative and wacky that they just had to create. But whatever it is, market is a time for showing off. Here are my favorites:

I am obsessed with this ottoman. I know my Weekly Obsessions are usually things that I see in the store, but I am still obsessed with this ottoman- just from the pictures. It’s the perfect size for coffee table use, the fabric is so cool and fresh in a vintage way, and the legs are the icing on the cake. I may have to hunt this one down if it doesn’t come to our store.

Talk about urban cowboy. This rug is just awesome. Squares of hide patched together to create a hide over rug look. Pure genius.

I don’t think this picture does this desk justice. But put this desk in a room with white walls and delicate slipcovered sofas and something magic happens. Great for a beach inspired home.

We already have a piece similar to this one in our store, but the antique white finish doesn’t have the bang that the dark finish with pink interior piece does. You can even use this piece as an inspiration for something you already have.

Antiqued mirror is my best friend lately. I would love to put the Donnabella Chest in my entryway with this mirror over it. Too much? I think not.

While I wouldn’t consider myself modern by any means, I love adding modern touches to my home and this light fixture would be a nice addition. It looks ethereal with the light streaming through the slits. Hot mod!