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People in Glass Houses…

Urban Glass House by Philip Johnson from Business Week. Brick chevron pattern. 

You’re probably wondering what chevron patterned flooring has to do with glass houses. I admit, it’s a stretch, but coming up with witty titles for blogs day in and day out isn’t easy. Turns out, Philip Johnson, famed architect used only chevron pattern floors in the Urban Glass House located in New York. Pretty cool to think that Philip and I have something in common: love of the sophisticated, simple chevron. I seem to be finding it everywhere lately. The makings of a trend perhaps? Either way, if you’re looking for flooring with a bit more je ne sais quoi, try the chevron.

Chevron flooring in a light washed finish is extra chic.

A detail of the Bovary Dining Table by Oly. Chevron pattern in hand pieced limestone.

HF Weekly Obsession: Go Organic

Organic Coffee Table by Global Views $879

A combination of two things I love: nature and gold. This table looks like someone grabbed some twigs and dipped them in burnished gold. Then they snapped on a mirrored top and called it a day. Not only is this table versatile (you can’t put a label on this one), it’s easy to clean (just wipe and go) and while your date’s in the bathroom, you can easily lean over and make sure there’s no spinach in your teeth. Lovely!

A closeup of the beautiful natural texture

What’s in a Name?

Traditional. Transitional. Contemporary. These words no longer apply to the new paradigm of furniture design. “Boutique Traditional”, “Clean Transitional”, “Modern Contemporary”, New Eclecticism”, and “Warm Modernisim” is how people are describing all the latest furniture designs that don’t quite fit the old model. Every designer from Jonathan Adler to Thomas O’Brien has coined a new term to express their unique designs.

And if you ever wondered how retailers and furniture manufacturers come up with names for a sofa, it can be a very random process at times according to this article from the New York Times.

We came up with a lot of our names using a top 100 names for baby’s list.

What Time Is It?

Time for you to get… this clock! Does your home lack a personal touch? Do you need to get in touch with your inner artist? The Photoart Clock (by Umbra) is a great place to start. I challenge you to find one person that doesn’t look back fondly on painting by number and admiring the finished product hung on the fridge. And for those of us who can’t paint a convincing flower to save our lives- this will give you a little ego boost. I especially like the clock when it’s half finished so that you can still see some of the lines and numbers. So much style, and it keeps time for you!

Metropolitan Home featured the Photoart Clock in their January/February issue

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Art Lover

1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die 

I know. It’s a little late to be buying Holiday gifts. Even if you can’t find this book at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble in time for Tuesday, just think of this as THE present to get for your friend who you didn’t think would get you a gift. But they ended up getting you gift for Christmas.

I saw this book walking through Anthropologie, and I thought immediately that any art lover would appreciate this book. Pick this up for that special someone to celebrate the new year.

HF Weekly Obsession: Starry Night

Just in time for Christmas I noticed this angelic light fixture on the second floor. I can only imagine how lovely it would look grouped against a dark wall like a starry night sky. And I can only imagine because each one is over $1000. Well, a girl can dream, right? Cost aside, it’s perfect for Christmas because such a sparkly time of year deserves a very sparkly light fixture. By the way… the picture doesn’t do it justice to how lovely it is!

Celebrity Style

Normally when I pick up a magazine featuring the home of a celebrity I like, I end up disappointed. Most of the ones I see just lack personality, looking like the star had nothing to do with the decor inside. I just found the exception to the rule. Domino Magazine’s December/January 2008 issue features the home of the lovely Amanda Peet. Not only does her house look like someone actually lives in it, it has style in every corner. She blends a variety of colors without making it look matchy-matchy. 

Every room has a burst of color surrounded by airy whites and neutrals. The look is organic, clean, and California cool.

My favorite room has to be the room she created for her baby girl. While it’s definitely girly, it still has an air of sophistication by resisting the pastels and going for the gusto with hot fuschia.

Grouping photos and art as she’s done above is so easy to do and has a great effect. It doesn’t require large paintings- just simply framed photos of family with a few pieces of eclectic art thrown in.

If you haven’t picked up this issue of Domino yet, drop everything and get it now. The house is packed with ideas to inspire. And that’s precisely what I’m here to do- point you in the direction of inspiration.

Fun Fact: I met Amanda Peet while working at Club Monaco in New York City and she’s very nice.