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How To: Give Your Presents Punch

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s what is inside that counts.” That holds true for people as well as presents. But take heed of what your mother told you (okay, nagged you), “You only get one first impression!” Instead of the same ol’ snowman wrapping paper with gold curly-cues tied on, present your presents properly.

Clockwise from top left: Silk Taffeta from High Fashion Home, Ribbon & Pinecones from Target; Twine cord from Hobby Lobby; Craft paper, tinsel ribbon and bells from Target; Wrapping paper from Target, Ribbon from Hobby Lobby, Ornaments from Club Monaco; Paper, stamp, ink, and pen from Hobby Lobby

Every year I decide on a color theme (last year was black, white, and silver) and stick to it. This will save you the time and effort of having to match the wrapping paper to each person. No more looking for guy-appropriate wrapping paper! And it makes your tree look uber-chic. Add fun extras like tiny ornaments, jingle bells, pinecones, or anything sparkly. Go green and recycle your magazines for wrapping paper and tie with twine. Take a page from Martha Stewart and stamp something festive on plain paper. Mom will be so impressed!

New HF product: Nathan Sectional

When we were in New York this past August, we saw this sectional at a very well known, high end furniture store. It’s absolutely beautiful. They were retailing it for $4300. The sectional was so beautiful that we decided to bring it in ourselves. We will be pricing the exact same sectional at $2449. It’s got down-blend seat cushions, sleek stainless steel legs, and a durable, microfiber fabric. Modern furniture that’s comfortable. What a novel concept! 

Black is the New Black

Glossy black over beadboard achieves an organic look

With huge windows, the room still looks airy- even with black walls.
Domino: November ’07
Many people I encounter are afraid to get too daring with their paint choices. Dark colors are often chucked aside in favor of lighter, more airy colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bright white room as much as the next person, but there is something about walking into an ebony room that makes me think bold and cozy- not drab and cave-y. 
The three rooms above really did black walls right. When painted over horizontal boards or beadboard, the look isn’t so severe. And it’s perfect as an accent color with white and gold.
With dark colors, there are rules. Keep the finish glossy- it lightens up the look. Don’t try this if you don’t have large windows. Small windows will acheive that cave effect- not cozy. Contrast trim will make it so sophisticated. Use white or light grey for the trim. Lovely!

High Fashion’s Gone Tempur-Pedic!

Our first Tempur-Pedic has arrived!
All set for you to try it out.

I think she likes it!

Yes, it’s true. High Fashion now has nine styles of the Tempur-Pedic mattress for you to try out (on our beautiful beds, no less) and take home!  The Tempur-Pedic is the bed designed to relieve stress and help your body heal as you sleep. These mattress systems are also designed to be allergen resistant. 
Whether you want the Original Bed or the plush Grand Bed, firm or soft, stationary or adjustable, we have your bed in stock and ready to be delivered for free to your home (within Houston). How’s that for a good deal? So drop in anytime, we’ll have your bed ready for you. Trust me, your back will thank you!

Holiday Gift Ideas

If you are stressing about finding the perfect Holiday gift, you are not alone. During some recent Holiday brainstorming sessions with my confidantes, the one product that comes up again and again is a digital photo frame. Yes, the future is here.

Out of the box, it supports up to 20 photos and has a built-in speaker for MP3 playback. Think slide show, soaring grand music, and sentimental moments galore. The product design is outstanding. It just looks like an Apple LCD.

Outside of buying a dozen gift cards this Holiday Season, I guarantee that someone close to me is getting this gift. Merry Christmas.

Brilliant Book of the Week:

Get your weekly dose of style reading with my Brilliant Book of the Week! Out of the millions of books on the market it can be quite a task deciding between The Best of Martha Stewart Living: How to Decorate and Barnes and Noble’s decor bargain books. This weekly posting will help you pick out the best of the best, leaving you with great ideas and (eventually) a beautiful home!

Check it out!
Styles: Compendium of Interior,” written by Francois Baudot.

Not only are the pictures and history excellent but the fact that it was more informative than my History of Interiors textbook at school left me awe-struck. This 432 page book breaks down the history of interior decor from the Medieval era to the twentieth century. This great piece of literature can help place that odd chair sitting in the garage from great Aunt Petunia. Also, it’s great for themed decorating–displaying over 250 illustrations to reference. So after using this brilliant book, you’ll have knowledge that will knock your neighbors socks off!

Happy reading!!

HF Weekly Obsession: The Gilded Age

Want to make your room look regal? Try a gilded mirror! It doesn’t have to be relegated to the dining room you use once a year. Put it in your bedroom over a simple vanity so you feel extra fancy while getting ready in the morning. I’ve seen these everywhere lately (Pottery Barn also has an elegant version), but my absolute, hands down favorite is the exquisite Versailles Arched Mirror from Four Hands. It literally sparkles every time I walk past it! You may not be Marie Antoinette, but you can still have a bit of Versailles in your home.