Monthly Archives: October 2007

Store Display – 2nd Floor

Here is the latest 2nd floor displays created by our hardworking, eccentric HF team.

 HF team members, Cynthia and Robyn, were not seriously injured while sanding and staining the wood panels. They took all the proper safety precautions. The result is sheer beauty in an abstract sort of way.

Jeff and Cynthia were inspired by architecture from some unknown urban village.

Who says shopping for your home should be boring? Yes, Chelsea does jump that high.

We wanted to show what not to do with your dining table. Yes, that is her real smile.

High Fashion Home Story

Often at High Fashion Home, we believe that a day in the life at High Fashion would make for great reality TV. Well, creating a community of High Fashion bloggers might be the closest thing.

This was our home a few short years ago. Yes, our building was plain Jane back then. Our vision was to create a home furnishing emporium that would become a haven for people aspiring for the modern, eclectic lifestyle. So we thought, “Let’s take this 4 story, 125,000 square foot building and create a shopping experience like no other.”

We needed to find the right architect. Our interview process lasted for weeks with several architecture firms coming up with lackluster, unimaginative ideas. Through a couple of referrals, we finally found architects that were actually like-minded. Gensler was the choice. They happened to do a couple of cool concepts. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Apple.

Then came the months of trying to unearth the High Fashion brand and translating it into great architecture. That’s when we came up with this.

Gensler had designed such an impressive looking building that we had to find the products to do it justice. So we set out to find the hottest and most exciting manufacturers in the home fashion world today. Products that represented high style, high design, high quality furniture at great prices.

This is how the finished building turned out:

High Fashion Home Blog

Welcome to the High Fashion Home Blog. We wanted to find a medium to communicate directly to the urban explorer, who decorates for the modern world. Thus, we came up with the blog idea.

We have a passion for our products. We have a passion for our store. And we have a passion for decorating. We want to share and explore all the latest design trends, products, locations, and everything in between. Designing a home is such a personal journey. This is the place for idea sharing to make decorating your home a little easier.

So whether you are the world’s greatest interior designer, aspiring decorator, or a hopeless amateur, this our meeting ground to share our passion for the home.